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Sculptural installations & public art projects created in collaboration with Tom Bierlein

         Integrating our individual concerns, skills and processes, our collaborative practice engages a broad framework of questioning through large-scale immersive installations and sculptural work. These projects have been situated in a variety of contexts and timeframes from temporary outdoor environments to site specific gallery work. Materially, the work utilizes industrial building materials alongside fabric, soil and other natural materials to create spaces that insert new patterns of movement into a space and call attention to the relationships of body and architecture. The formal language and techniques of house framing, which are central to our work, denote a pause within an ongoing process of constructing, dismantling and rebuilding. Architecture is one of the primary entities which provides structure to our lives, dividing our worlds between indoor and outdoor, public and private, human and wilderness. It is specifically this last division, and the binary of human/nature that it denotes, that we are interested in expanding. In its hybridization of interior and exterior, domestic and exhibition space, the work considers architecture as having the simultaneous capacity to both hold and generate memory.

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