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Artist Statement


            My work is motivated by a sense of urgency in regards to current ecological crises and, simultaneously, by a deep and unshakable reverence for the natural world in all its diversity and resilience. Incorporating mediums of relief printmaking, natural dyeing, and gardening, I approach art-making as a way of building relationship with the land, every artistic gesture as an opportunity to strengthen the connections between myself and the myriad natural processes and beings that support collective life on this planet. My print-based work is an exercise in adoration, in holding deep reverence for plants and cultivating gratitude for the immense healing and sustenance they provide. Harvesting fiber, dye, and medicinal plants is an integral part of my practice, and allows me establish intentional, ongoing relationships with my local plant communities, while reinstating the proximity between artist and material. I try to cultivate moments and practices of deep life-building attention by prioritizing slow labor, and by harvesting and hand-processing plant materials into dyes, medicines, and fibers. I consider attention to be a form of gratitude. Sustaining an artistic practice allows me to critically consider my relationships to the broader earth community and to situate myself more fully within the intricate systems of our living planet. At its core, my creative practice centers around the connection between our human bodies and the terrestrial body of the earth, between our healing and the healing of the land. I believe that art can help shift the underlying philosophies and myths that structure our worldviews, encouraging subtle but powerful transformations in the way we relate to each other and the living earth.

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